parents of kids with allergies

If you have kids with allergies, you know how hard it is to keep them secure and free of harmful foods and at the same time keep them from being afraid of the word.

To the outsider, it may seem that you are being overprotective. But unless you live with someone with extreme allergies, it's hard to imagine just how careful you have to be.

Recently, new food labeling guidelines were passed into law which forces manufacturers to disclose on the food labels, if the food contains any major allergen.

While this helps greatly, you are still advised to read the labels every time you go shopping, just in case new ingredients that contain allergens have been added to the product since you last bought it.

food allergy testing Ige
It's not sufficient to go for food allergy testing and leave it up to the doctor to determine if you have a food allergy.

peanut allergies and schools
Because Peanut allergies can be fatal, they are rearing their head as a growing concern in the minds of parents and schools

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