Natural Asthma Remedies for Your Child

There's nothing more frightening than witnessing a child's asthma attack, listening to her wheeze and cough and fight for every breath--and sharing her panic.

Fortunately, pharmaceutical advances have resulted in a whole new class of drugs that prevents or relieves asthma flare-ups. But do you want your child on drugs, with their potential short- and long-term side effects?

Besides, asthma drugs treat the symptoms without treating the underlying condition. Are there natural asthma remedies and alternatives that can lessen an asthmatic child's drug dependency?

Yes, say authors Steven J. Bock, Kenneth Bock, and Nancy P. Bruning. "It is our belief that asthma rates continue to soar because of our increasingly toxic environment," they write. "Our children are assaulted from every direction with indoor and outdoor air pollution, poor food, and stress." The cumulative toxicity makes children more susceptible to diseases.

In this book the authors present a natural asthma program to complement your child's conventional care and help to reduce asthma attacks and drug dependency. This includes reducing asthma triggers (including advice for "saying goodbye to Fluffy"); eating a cleaner, more nourishing diet (emphasizing plant foods); taking supplements, herbs, and homeopathic remedies; and learning to cope with emotional stress. The book ends with three case studies of children who used the program's natural asthma remedies in various ways and dramatically improved their health. --Joan Price

Natural Relief for Your Child's Asthma: A Guide to Controlling Symptoms & Reducing Your Child's Dependence on Drugs

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Natural Relief for Your Child's Asthma: A Guide to Controlling Symptoms & Reducing Your Child's Dependence on Drugs - Image

by: Steven J., M.D. Bock Kenneth Bock Nancy Pauline Bruning Release Date: 01 August, 2003, Media: Paperback's Price: $13.95 prices subject to change.

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Rating 5 of 5 - Powerful natural allergy relief remedies for parents!

This book helped our family put the brakes on the out-of-control rollercoaster ride of asthma.   "Natural Relief for Your Child's Asthma" empowers parents with page after page of specific instructions  on how to reduce your child's dependence on medication by understanding the  limits of conventional medicine, finding and  avoiding triggers, using food  as a healer, using supplements to strengthen your child and using  alternative mind-body medicine to enhance your child's well-being.  

While  the authors have lots of great information about how to reduce dependence  on medicine over time, they aren't zealots who encourage you to turn your  back on conventional medicine.  The real power that comes from this book is that now, when I go to see my child's asthma specialist, I can ask informed questions about my son's condition.  I'm no longer a note taker jotting down what medicines my child should take when.  

I can encourage my doctor  to challenge us to make dietary and lifestyle changes to detoxify our  child's environment that he might not otherwise have mentioned assuming  that we would prefer the "easy" way out of finding stronger and  stronger medicines to rescue our child.  I strongly encourage any parent of a child with asthma to read this book!

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