Homeopathic Doctors

Homeopathic medicine can be a great alternative or supplement to traditional medicine if you take care to find the homeopathic doctors who are well experienced and well trained.

Many people are pulling away from the establishment way of medicine where the focus is on curing specific ailments or diseases and gravitating towards alternative medical and holistic treatments such as homeopathy. Homeopathic doctors concentrate on whole body health, naturalistic remedies, and disease prevention. Many people actually feel more comfortable being treated by homeopathic doctors than one trained in prescription based drug methodology.

Homeopathic medicine is close to becoming mainstream. Already many well known people openly visit homeopathic doctors. Celebrities, past and present, such as Sting, Fergie - the Duchess of York, Marlene Dietrich, Douglass Fairbanks Jr., and more are all known to have an intense interest in homeopathic treatments.

You can find common homeopathic remedies for adhd, homeopathic hemorrhoids creams, and even homeopathic animal treatments.

The popularity of homeopathy has grown so much and so rapidly that there is a pressing need to create international standards for homeopathic doctors and medical treatments. There is also a need to develop standards for  homeopathic facilities, herbs, and medicines. Many of the methods and system of rules used today stem from Samuel Hahnemann's 1810 treatise. Though undeniably useful, many scientific discoveries have been made since then.

How do You Evaluate a Homeopathic Doctor?

As always, a good criteria for evaluation homeopathic doctors is to determine what type of certifications they hold. If the homeopathic doctor holds a certification from the Council for Homeopathic Certification, which acts as a licensing agent for the homeopathic field, this is a good sign. You can also find information from the National Center for Homeopathy which carries up to date information on homeopathy licensing and educational requirements.

How do You Find a Good Homeopathic Doctor?

If you have friends or relatives who regularly visit a homeopathic doctor who they are happy with, this can be a perfect recommendation. If not, take a visit to your local health store or herbalist. Often, they will be very familiar with the local homeopathic scene and will be able to recommend one or more homeopathic doctors in the neighborhood.

An essential prerequisite of a good homeopathic doctor is that he or she should be honest and caring. You should also be  comfortable enough with him or her that you can discuss your very personal physical problems. If you can't be completely honest with him, he won't be able to give you the best possible care.

It is also important that a good homeopathic doctor not be closed minded. Look for one that is able to practice homeopathy with an open mind towards other branches of medicine. The ultimate goal of a doctor is to provide welfare to the patient, and a doctor must do everything within his or her power to begin a process of healing even if it means departing from homeopathy and using other means.

Homeopathic Antibiotics
Alternative care specialists are treating some patients with homeopathic antibiotics instead of pharmaceutical antibiotics. Is this safe?

Homeopathic Cancer Treatment
Homeopathic cancer treatment is available for those with cancer seeking alternative means of fighting their disease.

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