Hayfever Relief

With so many people having to suffer from allergy induced symptoms, it's no wonder that, each day, millions are looking for hayfever relief.

Exposure to pollens, pollution and airborne allergens like dust and mold spores can cause allergies.  An example of this allergic reaction is hayfever.

Sometimes referred to as seasonal allergic rhinitis, people suffering from hayfever will typically experience inflammation of their nasal passages. This, in turn, results in symptoms like nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy eyes, nose and throat, sneezing and coughing - just to name a few.

This is because, when exposed to pollen, the body releases histamine that triggers the allergic reaction.  The symptoms from this allergic reaction are often mistaken for the flu virus and/or common cold because of the similarity. Unlike with the cold and flu, however, people with these type of allergy reactions will not have a fever.

One way of dealing with hayfever is simply to stay indoors, close all of your doors and windows, and monitor the pollen count. When the pollen count reaches its lowest point, then venture outdoors to do your errands.

Not everyone, however has the luxury of being able to go outside on their own schedule. Thus, you may have to depend on modern medicines to help get through through the day. Relief is often possible with prescription and non prescription medication such as antihistamines and nasal sprays. Most commonly used antihistamines are sold over-the-counter.  

Immunotherapy is another option. This requires regular allergy injections containing small amounts of allergens to make the body immune to it resulting to a decreased need for medication.  

Foods Can Trigger Hayfever Also

If you are at risk for hayfever suffering, there are certain foods that can cause hayfever like symptoms. If you believe tat food may be a culprit in your case, t is important to first find out which foods are triggering the attack. Your health care physician can help you with this by giving you a battery of tests.

Allergic reactions are signs that the body's immunity is not functioning properly.  By building up the body's defenses against viruses and bacteria, people can avoid hayfever.

If a poor food diet is the culprit, strengthening your immune system by improving your diet can be your solution to relief.  

Natural Hayfever Relief Solutions

If you don't like synthetic solutions, there are natural reliefs for hayfever.  Instead of an antihistamine medication, health experts recommend vitamin c supplements.  It not only supports the immune system, it also has some of the effects of an antihistamine.

Vitamin A can help maintain healthy mucous membranes and relieve it from inflammation during hayfever attacks.

Garlic and horseradish are a perfect combination to ease congestion.  Garlic enhances immunity and has anti inflammatory qualities while horseradish is a decongestant.  

Lessening or eliminating dairy food products in the diet will sometimes help in decreasing the body's hair trigger response to allergens.

When experiencing hayfever symptoms, put essential oils like lemon myrtle, tea tree oil and eucalyptus in a bowl with boiling water and inhale the steam.  This will help you breathe easier.

Other relief options consist of rinsing the sinus. Rinsing the sinus with salty water relieves nasal congestion.

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