Food Allergies and Children

The perfect food allergy recipe book for feeding children.

Forty-eight million children in the United States suffer from food allergies. For their parents, mealtimes can be difficult to plan...

Now, with Feeding your Allergic Child, there's a solution to the dilemma of what to prepare for the food-sensitive child. Eliza Meyer's creative, fun and delicious recipes will get your kids to eat, and keep them happy and healthy at the same time.

These nutritious dishes will tempt even the most finicky child, wile avoiding the four ingredients kids are most frequently allergic to: corn, wheat, dairy and eggs. They can also be modified for other food allergies.

Recipes include:Fruit shakes, "small coke", squash soup, no-vinegar viniagrette, mock Caesar salad, fish they'll eat, stuff cabbage, vegetable kugel, rice salad, sweet potato chips, almond lace cookies, coconut-almond muffins, and dozens more.

A complete section on how to tell if your child is allergic and tips on coping with the challenges of feeding an allergic child introduces the recipes. Free of the chemical additives and artificial flavorings of prepackaged and processed foods, the dishes in Feeding Your Allergic Child will make your kitchen table a happier and healthier place to be and will show you how to put your food-sensitive child on the road to healthy eating--and living.

Feeding Your Allergic Child: Happy Food for Healthy Kids

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by: Elisa Meyer Release Date: 15 February, 1997, Media: Paperback's Price: $11.01 prices subject to change.

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Reader Comments Re. Food Allergy Recipes for Children

One of my favorite resources for my severely allergic child

When my child was first diagnosed I ordered twenty different recipe/cookbooks for special diets/allergies.  This is one of 2 that I actually use frequently.  The recipes are simple and my child likes them.  

The information on substituting ingredients and creating safe versions of forbidden items is excellent.  It's an excellent starter book to help a parent or the newly diagnosed person with food allergies to get control of their diet and attitude.

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Food allergic symptoms typically appear within minutes to two hours after a person has eaten the food to which he/she is allergic.

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