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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has warned persons who may have eggs or lactose intolerance not to eat the Cheeseburger Macaroni Hamburger Dinner from Equality..

One of the undeclared ingredients on the label that people may have intolerance to, may be eggs.

Not long ago the Food and Drug Agency discovered that many food producers do not list highly allergenic ingredients like eggs, lactose, and peanuts that may be in their foods.

People who are intolerant to eggs may develop serious life threatening reactions if they eat foods that contain eggs.

Of all products that people may have an intolerance to, eggs and lactose are the most allergenic. A miniscule amount of egg can cause a reaction such as anaphylaxis in seconds.

The majority of allergy specialists concur that the product that individuals have the most allergies to are eggs, milk, wheat, seafood, and peanuts.

Fortunately, most kids will outgrow their allergies to milk and eggs as they age.

It is believed that this product has been distributed only in Ontario Canada.

milk allergy symptoms
Common milk excessive colic, allergy symptoms include wheezing, rashes, hives, bloating, excess gas, eczema, and stuffed noses.

safe snacks for children with allergies
For children with allergies, the safest snacks are the ones that you, the parent, prepare for them.

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