Eastern/Western Approaches Of Homeopathy

Homeopathy has been around since the 18th century, but how do the Eastern and Western approaches of homeopathy differ from each other?

The primary premise of homeopathy is that using doses of natural substances called remedies will stimulate a person's immune defense system. In this sense both the Eastern and Western approaches to homeopathy are similar. The cultures are also similar in that they each see their role as determining the illness to be healed and then applying the appropriate homeopathy remedy to it.

There are several approaches of homeopathy including eastern/western approaches of homeopathy and there are certain schools of homeopathy that require that students must interact with the clients till the second or third year of their learning has been completed so that the knowledge gained from books can be put into action straight away. Nevertheless, there are eastern/western approaches of homeopathy, and homeopathy though very popular, may not be practiced in the same way in different parts of the world as it is in other parts such as east versus west.

For example, the eastern/western approaches of homeopathy in India may be quite different to those practiced in Britain though you can be sure that the homeopathic infrastructure in India is without a doubt the largest in the world and there are hundreds of colleges teaching homeopathy and thousands of government clinics as well as hundreds of hospitals where homeopathy is practiced.

Whereas you will find that eastern/western approaches of homeopathy are different, it may be said that at first in Britain it was a method of treatment that was practiced only by the upper classes as too the aristocracy and the clientele that undertook homeopathic treatment was generally very elite and even included members of the British royal family. However, even at its peak in Britain, homeopathy was not quite as widespread in that country as was the case in India which shows quite clearly that eastern/western approaches of homeopathy were different not just in types of homeopathy but also in the numbers involved.

Another aspect to eastern/western approaches of homeopathy is in the kind of regulation that is practiced in the east and also in the west. For example, in the eastern countries such as India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, homeopathy has been integrated with the national health care systems of those countries, while in Europe there are hardly any legal requirements regarding using homeopathy though it may be necessary to get degrees in homeopathy in countries such as Denmark and France.

Other points of difference in eastern/western approaches of homeopathy include homeopathic treatment being covered by national insurance coverage of a number of countries in Europe while in the east there is no such coverage, and in the United States there is regulation of homeopathic medicines by the Food and Drug Administration which means that they must have been proven to being safe, while there is no such feature available in the eastern countries.

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