Finding an Effective Dog Allergy Treatment

Because of our individual differences, finding a one size fits all dog allergy treatment is next to impossible - but there are some common allergy cures that are effective in most cases.

Approximately 15% to 30% of people with allergies or asthma, also have an allergy to dogs. Or more specifically, they have an allergy to the dander on the dogs which is loaded with Can f 1 allergens.

What causes a dog allergy? Can f 1 and Can f 2 are the two major dog allergens that exist in dog dander and dog saliva. It's also present, but in much lower concentrations, in dog urine, serum, and feces.

Research shows that male dogs produce more Can f 1 then female dogs. The length of a dog's hair does not seem to influence how much Can f 1 is produced. At any rate, exposure to these dog allergens can trigger asthma in individuals who are sensitive to them.

In homes with dogs, high levels of these allergens can be found in dust particles within the home. What's amazing is that these allergens are found in a high percentage of homes without dogs. This is due to the fact that Can f 1 allergies maintain their potency for a long time. In other words, if a dog had been in a home a week, two weeks, or even longer - its allergens will still exist on walls, carpeting, and furniture surfaces within the home. And even if a dog has not been in a home, but someone in the home has had exposure to a dog, the dog allergens are very sticky and lightweight and can very easily attach themselves to clothing and hitch a ride to the home.

Millions of people in the U.S., somewhere around 40% of homes, own dogs. Dogs have been with man for thousands of years and have become part of our extended families. As a result, dogs are practically everywhere. This means that dander and dog allergens are practically everywhere as well. This makes it extremely difficult for someone allergic to dogs to avoid being affected.

Typical Dog Allergy Symptoms

All of the following are possible symptoms of a dog allergy: asthma, hives, sneezing, stuffed nasal passages, red and inflamed eyes. Allergic reactions don't always occur instantaneously. People have various sensitivities to dog allergy. If a person has a minor sensitivity, she may not experience symptoms for a day or two. The allergic reaction will also be dependent on the level of allergens present. This is directly related to both the number of dogs present as well as their breed -as different dog breeds excrete various levels of allergens.

Treating Dog Allergy Symptoms

The only sure way of getting rid of your dog allergy symptoms for good is to get rid of your dog. Since most dog owners obviously don't want to do this, the other alternative is to mitigate the allergens as much as possible. If you haven't yet acquired a dog, the solution is simple. Just get one of the allergy free dogs with a low allergen count. Otherwise, you can mitigate the allergens by either getting rid of your carpeting or selecting carpeting with low pile.

If you vacuum, use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. And, if you have air conditioning, place filters over the vents to prevent allergens from blowing throughout the home. You can also purchase an air purifier and filter to remove dander from the air.

Many practitioners of natural medicines believe that gradually exposing the person to minute doses of particular allergens will cause the body to gradually build resistance to the allergen. When this point is reached, the allergens will no longer trigger your dog allergies

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