Guide to Sufferer's of Childhood Asthma

Asthma can't be cured, but it can be treated and controlled so that your child can enjoy a healthier, more active life.

In this important guide on childhood asthma, the experts at the top-ranked children's hospital in the United States clearly explain what asthma is, the causes of asthma, asthma symptoms, and how parents, caregivers, and young patients can manage it successfully. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Guide to Asthma features the most up-to-date information on the disease and the keys to optimal preventive treatment-controlling environmental conditions that trigger symptoms, making a proactive medical treatment plan, and consistently putting it into action at the first sign of trouble.

You'll discover how childhood asthma is diagnosed, what the common triggers are, how to select the best asthma medicines, and how to protect your child in and away from your home to help him or her live a fulfilling childhood that is as symptom-free as possible. This book:

  • Reveals how to manage acute and emergency episodes of the disease
  • Explains how to asthma-proof your home
  • Addresses sports and exercise issues for children with asthma
  • Discusses the special needs of toddlers and teens
  • Features a series of vignettes about children with asthma
  • Includes educational materials and resources, including community support

Childhood asthma - The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Guide to Asthma: How to Help Your Child Live a Healthier Life

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by: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Julian Lewis M.D. Allen Tyra M.D. Bryant-Stephens Nicholas A. M.D. Pawlowski Sheila Buff Martha M. Jablow Release Date: 15 January, 1997, Media: Paperback's Price: $11.66 prices subject to change.

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Reader comments

Helpful to understanding your child's asthma

This book was very helpful in my understanding of childhood asthma. I know this is an increasing problem in the last few years, and this is a great resource.  I especially liked the section on asthma myths - so many of those have been spread around causing misinformation and misunderstanding. I would highly recommend this to parents of children with asthma, and for healthcare professionals that care for these children. Bravo!

Great resource to help with your child's asthma

As a parent of a child with asthma, it can be very confusing to understand all the different medications my child takes, and the different tests that she has had. This book helps to make all that clear. I would strongly recommend it for any parents of children with asthma. I feel that I can trust the information from this reputable source.

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