Childhood Asthma Relief - Free Your Child From Asthma

Give your child relief from asthma symptoms, avoid unexpected attacks, and say good-bye to emergency room visits!  

In Free Your Child from Asthma, Dr. Gary Rachelefsky, a leading asthma specialist who has treated thousands of children over the past 30 years, explains why so many children with asthma aren't getting the care they need and how, in just four weeks, you can help to relieve your child's asthma symptoms and put your child on the fast track to a symptom-free life.

Childhood Asthma Relief

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by: Gary Rachelefsky Patricia Garrison Release Date: 23 December, 2005, Media: Paperback's Price: $12.44 prices subject to change.

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Rating 5 of 5 - Best Children's Asthma Relief Book Out There.

Excellent and perhaps the best resource out there for any parent with a child that suffers from asthma.  Dr. Rachelfsky very clearly outlines everything that you may want to know, and even takes away a lot of the mystery from the myriad asthma relief treatments.

Written in plain language, the book leaves you with plenty of detail but never leaves you confused.

After reading through the book, you will better understand what asthma is, how it's treated, and more importantly make you able to work WITH your doctor and ask better questions.

You'll also be able to decide if your doctor is providing the best care available.

Overall, this is a must-have book if your child has asthma... and after reading it, you'll believe that you can control asthma and asthma doesn't need to control you!

Guide to childhood asthma sufferers.
Discover how childhood asthma is diagnosed, what the common triggers are, how to select the best asthma medicines.

Asthma treatment through breathing
Asthma has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Fifteen million Americans suffer with asthma, and more cases are diagnosed every day. Here's a natural asthma treatment everyone can use.

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