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Bee pollen has all the essential components of life.  It is considered by many to be nature's most perfect complete food. It is loaded with vitamins and contains nearly all known minerals, trace elements, enzymes and amino acids. Bee pollen is also a first-rate source of anti-oxidants.

Bee pollen is one of the world's oldest health foods.  You can find references to it in the Bible, the Torah, the Koran as well as ancient Chinese and Egyptian texts.

Lost of persons swear by bee pollen and it's healing properties, but I remain somewhat skeptical. The advocates claim that raw bee pollen is a super food containing all of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals in an easy to digest, and efficient form. They claim that just eating the bee pollen is sufficient to boost your body's fitness, and get rid of free radicals.

But that's not all. They say that the bee pollen boosts the immune system by increasing red and white blood cell counts, and also has an antibacterial agent which helps the body to more efficiently fight diseases. They say it moderates and controls the organisms in the intestines thereby helping to aid digestion and the assimilation of nutrition.

My sister is one of these numerous bee pollen devotees. She has suffered for years from a situation termed chronic fatigue syndrome. It took her several specialists and doctors before she found one who recognized the being of chronic fatigue syndrome. And, no matter how lots of nutritional supplements which she took, she only started to get better extremely slowly.

Finally, she went to another practitioner, one who specialized in chronic fatigue. He diagnosed her with candidiasis, otherwise known as yeast overgrowth in the gut, and put her on an anti-fungal agent, as well as numerous supplements. One of her friends, some flaky new-ager who makes her money off of gazing at crystals to tell the fortunes of gullible housewives and desperate dreamers, told her that this wasn't enough, and that she wouldn't get better without the aid of bee pollen. So my sister took the bee pollen.

Without fail, within six weeks, she was feeling so much better. But rather than attribute the drastic improvement to the supplements prescribed to her by her doctor, a competent wellness care professional, she actually believed that it was all due to the bee pollen!

So supposedly, bee pollen now has the ability to reduce the presence of fungus in the body. She managed to completely ignore anything else which was happening in her body at the same time, and somehow to attribute everything to this one isolated factor. I think it's good to believe, but it's better to believe with the facts on  your side.

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