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Examines how indoor exposures can be an asthma trigger, how indoor exposure contributes to asthma: its causation, prevalence, and severity. Addresses asthma among the general population and in sensitive subpopulations including children, low-income individuals, and urban residents. For public health policymakers, researchers, and clinicians.

Clearing the Air: Asthma and Indoor Air Exposures

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by: Institute of Medicine Release Date: February, 2000, Media: Hardcover's Price: $59.95 prices subject to change.

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Rating 5 of 5 - Authoritative review of asthma triggers and indoor air issues

This is clearly the authoritative review of asthma and domestic indoor air quality.  Not only does it present a (nearly) complete summary of indoor air issues and how it triggers asthma, but it describes the degree of certainty with which it draws conclusions.  While I might have been more interested in some acrylates and urethanes, etc, I think if you are interested in this issue you must read this source.

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