Asthma Treatment Through Breathing

Imagine sleeping through the night soundly and peacefully without waking up to use an inhaler. Imagine walking into a room filled with cigarette smoke, cats, or flowering plants and not having an asthma attack. Imagine exercising without gasping for breath

The Breath Connection, a groundbreaking asthma treatment that has a proven 100 percent success rate in alleviating symptoms in patients and an extraordinary 90 percent success rate in decreasing and even eliminating dependence on inhalers, nebulizers, and other drugs forever! Simply by learning how to retrain their breathing patterns, asthmatics can learn how to calm the worst asthma attacks and even stop them before they begin.

Asthma has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Fifteen million Americans suffer with asthma, and more cases are diagnosed every day. Traditional medicine can control all but the worst symptoms of this crippling disease, but there is no sign of a cure. Until recently the Breath Connection program was available only in London at the renowned Hale Clinic, where it has helped hundreds of thousands of sufferers alleviate even the worst symptoms of asthma. Now with the publication of Freedom from Asthma, millions of Americans will finally be able to seek relief from this crippling disease.

Freedom from Asthma: The Revolutionary 5-Day Treatment for Healing Asthma with the Breath Connection (R) Program

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by: Alexander Stalmatski Release Date: 01 June, 1999, Media: Paperback's Price: $6.95 prices subject to change.

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Reader reviews

Asthma treatment techniques but no exercises

I was a chronic asthmatic and the principles enshrined in this book are excellent. The only way that I solved my asthma was to address my overbreathing. This books tells you just that. One downside is that it does not contain the exercises. I have came across two books which do. These are asthma free naturally and Close Your mouth. They are little gems and contain all the information that you need to know. In fact Asthma free is the best book that I have ever read for asthma. It offers a solice of hope and has helped my quality of life improve significantly
in the past while.

Stalmatskis book is good, Asthma free or the more simpler Close Your Mouth are excellent.

Asthma treatments for exercise induced asthma

This book was very helpful in eliminating my exercise induced asthma. The principles and theory are very valid. I have been suffering from insomnia and mild asthma for many years and I do not like to take drugs if I can avoid it. I was also diagnosed as having sleep apnea and treated for that condition though without lasting results. This book shows why asthma develops in people and how you can control it and then cure it without any drugs.

Crazy asthma treatment?

The ideas in this book sounded crazy when I first read them.   Asthma is the result of too MUCH breathing?  Carbon dioxide is important,  and too little of it causes asthma and other diseases?  I think I actually  laughed out loud when I read the first few chapters.  Then I kept reading.   And the ideas started making sense.

This book doesn't give you a lot of  practical exercises to work with ... But the book does give you enough practical information to  improve your own breathing.  Breathe less--less deeply and less often.   

Shows how this breathing asthma treatment can prevent asthma attacks

Freedom From Asthma has been the premier introduction to the Buteyko Method of Breath Retraining up until the introduction of Teresa Hale's book Breathing Free. I most strongly recommend you buy both books, read them and  apply their lessons to your own breathing.

The Buteyko Method applies to  far more than asthmatics, as you will find out when you read these books.  If you've ever had any kind of wheezing in your life, if you've ever had an  allergy attack, a bout of pleuresy, bronchitis, sinusitus, an anxiety or  panic attack, or if you've had any one of a host of other common diseases  of everyday life, then you need to learn about the materials in this book.  

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