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An authoritative and comprehensive review of the current asthma information available.

Written by an award-winning pulmonary specialist and one of New York's Best Doctors. The Asthma Sourcebook explores the latest therapies, medications, diet and nutrition guidelines, asthma statistics, and provides you with advice on living with this chronic disease.

This trusted source also examines the challenges of raising children with asthma; debunks commonly held beliefs about food, travel, and exercise; and pinpoints real asthma-causing allergens and how you can avoid them.

Asthma Statistics and More - The Asthma Sourcebook

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by: Francis V. Adams Release Date: 23 November, 2001, Media: Paperback's Price: $11.53 prices subject to change.

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Rating 3 of 5 - People with asthma often need magnesium supplementation

There is significant evidence that the root cause of many, if not most, cases of asthma (and many allergies as well) is deficiency of magnesium. This fact is discussed in detail by Dr. Carolyn Dean in her excellent book The Miracle of Magnesium. Dr. Dean recommends 600 mg of supplemental magnesium daily.

People with asthma who follow Dr. Dean's advice about daily magnesium supplementation often improve dramatically even if they have continued to struggle with asthma under other treatments which omit magnesium supplementation. If you are suffering from asthma please read Dr. Dean's excellent book and follow her advice regarding daily magnesium supplementation. It may well be the most important thing you will ever due to relieve this terrible ailment. By the way, although a variety of magnesium supplements are available, and beneficial, chelated magnesium -- which is readily available in most health food stores -- is the most effective.

Rating 4 of 5 - Comprehensive asthma information but  biased....

This book is probably important for all of us to have in our library, since it's very complete and comprehensive in explaining what asthma is and what kinds of treatments are available - although a book like this goes out of date the second it is printed.  There are already a number of new things available for asthmatics that have come since the last edition.  If you are in the care of a doctor, you will ask much more informed questions - and understand the drugs you are on - after reading this book.  

But the tone with which this book handles "alternative" therapies is unfortunate.  It claims on the back cover to discuss "alternative approaches" and then offers a tiny 4 page chapter.  It begins with an anecdote ridiculing a suffering patient who tried Chinese medicine, and ends dismissing pretty much everything not drug related as "placebo".  This is a pretty narrow view for a book that wants to be a sourcebook for all things asthma.  

The author seems to sum it up by saying nothing is going to be as effective as the current crop of drugs.  It's true, steroids have saved my life, and yoga wouldn't bring me back from the dark side if I was gasping for breath in the back of an ambulance (as I was two weeks ago).  

Important disease information

...a lifetime of asthma drugs has also created havoc in my body and turned my immune system into a minefield.  Even my western doctors acknowledge some of my emergency episodes have been caused by drug rebounds.  The third leading cause of death in America is prescription drugs, and asthmatics are among them.  

I almost died on one occasion because albuterol was keeping my lungs open, but underlying inflammation was continuing and even being increased by my drug regimen.  Many asthma drugs create dependency and a boomerang effect that makes symptoms worse when you come off the drugs or hide underlying problems.  The author of this book concedes some of the difficulties in the drugs, but slams the door hard on the idea that integrated and alternative therapies, used wisely, might be the key to actually getting to a level of healing that is beyond the pharmacy.  

Each of us who is living with this should aspire to more than just having the latest, best drugs.  We should want a healed body, and control over our lives.  I'm disappointed the author places so little importance on those things.  

But since we all are seeing western doctors and taking western medicine, I give the book it's due.... of all the books I have this is the most complete on the subject of drugs and standard therapies and is valuable.

Asthma free the natural way
Asthma kills 6,000 people a year. Respiratory illnesses affect millions more. According to Teresa Hale, asthmatics and others with respiratory illnesses are breathing wrong.

COPD and asthma - leading causes of death
copd - a leading cause of death

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