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The asthma death stats are astounding. Asthma kills 6,000 people a year. Respiratory illnesses affect millions more. According to Teresa Hale, asthmatics and others with respiratory illnesses are breathing wrong.  Can her methods really teach you to become asthma free?

"We have been led to believe that deep breathing is good for us because it increases our oxygen intake. In fact, the reverse is true. The more we breathe, the less oxygen actually reaches the cells of our bodies," says the author in Breathing Free: The Revolutionary 5-Day Program to Heal Asthma, Emphysema, Bronchitis, and Other Respiratory Ailments.

Her breathing program, Breath Connection, teaches you to change your breathing patterns so that you won't need to wheeze, breathe heavily, or take gulps of air after exertion. Hale promises that five days on this program will reduce your need for medications, and regular practice often increases metabolism and leads to weight loss.

Breathing Free gives a self-test to assess your breathing and teaches several techniques to improve it. Hale explains how to adapt the program for mild, moderate, or severe asthma; emphysema; bronchitis; panic attacks; general health; and children with asthma. She also suggests dietary guidelines.

Hale's program is based on the work of Konstantin Buteyko of the former Soviet Union. It is easy to understand, but will take time and effort to master. But she says you have a choice: "Stay where you are, with your daydreams and your deteriorating health, or take control and make some effort to effect permanent change." Hale founded Britain's renowned Hale Clinic, whose clients have included Princess Diana, the Duchess of York, Tina Turner, Richard Gere, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. --Joan Price

Breathing Free is complete with line drawings and clear instructions on how to use these simple methods to reestablish normal breathing patterns to prevent and overcome attacks, restore healthy and restful sleep, and reduce the need for medication by up to 60 percent. For the many people who have lived with the struggle of breathing problems, Breathing Free provides hope for relief, better health, and a better life.

Breathing Free: The Revolutionary 5-Day Program to Heal Asthma, Emphysema, Bronchitis, and Other Respiratory Ailments

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by: Leo Galland Teresa Hale Release Date: 22 August, 2000, Media: Paperback's Price: $9.72 prices subject to change.

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Reader Comments

Lightweight introduction to the Buteyko Breathing Method

The Buteyko method is a superb therapy for asthma. Teresa Hales book touches only on it …

Fair introduction to the Buteyko method but reads like a sales pamphlet

This book is a skimpy introduction to the Buteyko method, which seems to work.  While the Buteyko method is very good, this book is deliberately vague about the details of the actual exercises.  Hale spends chapter after chapter describing all the illnesses that the Breath Connection method will cure, but leaves many key questions about the method unanswered.  Why do you take your pulse? How exactly do you breath shallowly?  Do you use your diaphragm?  Do you count?  If not, how are you sure that you are doing it right?  

Doesn't quite compare to Asthma Free naturally

I read this book a number of years ago and found the principles easy to follow. However, I have recently read another book called Asthma Free Naturally which is written by an asthmatic and can so readily identify with the symptoms. I felt that I knew this person as the condition he was describing was so me.

The book Asthma Free naturally is far easier to read, understand and apply. The author of this book is a trained Buteyko practitioner and this is evident from the read. Teresa Hale is not a qualified practitioner and so is writing based on someones elses experiences. While Teresa Hales book is worth reading, Asthma Free naturally by Patrick McKeown is essential reading for all asthmatics.

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