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Asthma is a serious chronic inflammatory disease characterized by difficulty in breathing caused by the lung airways reacting to one or more triggers. These triggers prompt disease-fighting cells to begin a massive mucus buildup in the lung area, causing the lung's bronchial tubes to narrow. The airway walls become inflamed and the mucus membrane covering the walls becomes swollen with fluid.

As the mucus builds up, the airways began to shut down, becoming narrower and narrower, thus clogging and obstructing the airway flow from, and to a lesser extent to, the lungs.

When this happens, the wheezing and shortness of breath experienced by the victim can be terrifying.

Asthma attacks can occur at any time. All that is needed is for a trigger to be present.
Asthma Information - these are typical things that can trigger an Asthma attack

Allergies, exercise, house dust (including vacuuming, which often disperses more dust into the air), dust mites, cigarette smoke (active and second-hand), fungus spores, cold air, plant pollen, grass pollen, trees, animal dander, cockroach feces, molds, perfume, drugs, foods.
Asthma Information - Types of Treatment

Generally, Asthma is a condition that is managed more than it is cured. Typical forms of treatment include:

  • Drug treatments such as antihistamines and corticosteroids.
  • Environmental changes such as air filters, getting rid of carpets, and populating your environment with allergy-free pillows and linen.

Most people who develop Asthma, develop it as a child. The more fortunate will eventually outgrow Asthma. But even then, there is always the possibility of it recurring later in life.

If you have any Asthmatic conditions, you should seek a doctors advice, immediately.

asthma allergies multiple chemical sensitivity
Multiple chemical sensitivity, a controversial diagnosis, is used to depict individuals that have reactions to certain environmental factors.

The Buteyko breathing method for Asthmatics - Book Review
The Buteyko breathing method should be taught to every asthmatic adult and child.

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