Asthma Free in 21 Days - New Asthma Action Plan

Is it really possible to develop an asthma action plan to reverse the painful, debilitating symptoms of asthma and to reduce your dependence on doctors and medication--in Just 21 days?

Conventional medicine offers no real asthma action plan to the seventeen million Americans suffering from this disease. But in this remarkable book, Kathryn Shafer, Ph.D., and Fran Greenfield, M.A., share their natural alternative, the FUN program (Focus, Undo, Now Act!), that can help you break the bonds of asthma forever in only minutes a day!

Kathryn Shafer's triumph over life-long asthma is a testament to the power of mind / body healing. Her asthma action plan allowed her to successfully run the entirety of the New York City Marathon without medication. Her astounding victory became the seed for the FUN program. Together, Fran Greenfield and Kathryn Shafer reveal the intimate relationship between asthma and personal freedom in this Self-guided, breakthrough method, which many of theirclients have used with miraculous results.

This "masterful, innovative, and successful program for the treatment of asthma" (from the foreword by Gerald Epstein, M.D.) introduces the following asthma action plan:

  • Over forty exercises, including visualizations, for immediate symptom relief
  • A blueprint that redefines your relationship with asthma
  • Three twenty-one-day healing plans that can be tailored to your own needs
  • A unique mindbody perspective on exercise-induced asthma, nutrition, and environment
  • A FUN guide developed especially for kids!

Along with a wealth of real-life success stories, these strategies can prevent panic, clarify the meaning of symptoms, increase energy levels, and achieve a deeper healing than you ever thought possible. Whether used as a complement to conventional medicine or as a medication reducing alternative, this program empowers people of all ages to live more active, fulfilling lives.

Asthma Free in 21 Days: The Breakthrough Mind-Body Healing Program

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by: Kathryn Shafer Fran Greenfield Release Date: 01 April, 2000, Media: Hardcover's Price: $11.95 prices subject to change.

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Reader Reviews

Rating 4 of 5 - Beliefs a New Dimension to explore...

As a trained physician as well as an Avatar Master, I was impressed with the additional use of beliefs and belief systems which are incorporated into the more usual visualization exercises.  The use of them (beliefs) in such a way seems to open up new vistas---from being a victim of one's beliefs to the empowering position of being the author or creator of ones beliefs.   

Hopefully those who have other conditions than asthma will make use of the exercises to transcend some of their limiting beliefs and in the process heal themselves. In my estimation there is much valuable information between the covers of this book...and the exercises are playful and enjoyable--which could create a problem if you have a belief that life must be serious...

Rating 1 of 5 - Would you deal with diabetes this way?

This book fell far short of my expectations. It focused on a few things that may trigger asthma, but discussed them as if they were the disease process itself. Especially confusing is that this book offers an approach that disables the person with asthma (limiting his or her choice), but couches this disability in terms of acceptance, personal liberation and self-actualization.

Most people with asthma (about 95%) can live perfectly normal, active lives that are rarely affected by the disease. Asthma does not have to be the centerpiece of their self-identification. Asthma is a controllable disease. Follow the approach of these authors, and the disease controls you. Their approach is not much different than telling a child not to run around - thereby limiting his or her social and physical development - instead of administering appropriate preventive medication.

Asthma is a lifelong chronic inflammatory disease of the lungs with multiple phenotypes. The disease process is characterized by airway inflammation. Everyone has a unique set of asthma triggers. Some people's asthma may be triggered by attitudes, belief systems, and behavior, although the most common triggers are environmental exposure and upper respiratory infections.

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A unique and revolutionary understanding of the underlying conditions of allergy and asthma-from food triggers to the environment to nutritional deficiencies.

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