allergies and tattoos

According to a German magazine, tattoos may trigger allergic reactions.

The journal of the German Medical Association has published their findings stating that  people who have tattoos may be at increased risk for allergic reactions.

This is mainly due to the chemicals used in the tattoo pigments.

Of particular concern is the red tattoo pigment, many of which contain mercury sulfide. If you have mercury allergies you will want to ask, before getting the tattoo, if they use alternative red dyes. In fact, since mercury is not good for the body anyway, you may just want seek out alternative red dyes as a matter of course.

According to the magazine, common allergic reactions to the dye may include increased body temperature and difficulty breathing.

basic factors about allergies
When outdoors, we are exposed to pollens and other irritants. But when indoors, we are also exposed to "allergens". Allergens are proteins that originate from cockroaches, mold, pets, and dust mites.

common forms of allergies
The number of people impacted by food allergies has been on the rise.

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