allergic to metal rings

Do you love wearing rings or ear rings but are allergic to metal? If so, there are a couple of solutions that may be available to you.

Cobalt, copper and chromium are metals that may cause allergic reactions. But one of the more common metal allergies that people have is an allergy to nickel.

In fact, some people are so sensitive to nickel that they cannot wear watches or rings. What you may not realize is that many metal rings are coated with it.

You may think that surgical stainless steel is a solution. But it usually contains a small amount of nickel.

According to the site
"If the steel is correctly finished your body WILL NOT be able to metabolize any nickel from the surface of the jewelry, as it has a thin, clear layer of chromium oxide which prevents corrosion. This is the result of proper passivation techniques, which few companies actually bother to do."

He claims to have sold jewelry to hundreds of 'nickel sensitive' people with no adverse results.

A final solution, if your finances can afford it, is to switch to gold or silver rings, which fewer people are allergic to.

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