Acne Scar Laser Treatment

Do you have acne, pock marks, pits or other facial irregularities that are a constant embarrassment to you? If so, acne scar laser treatment might be exactly the cure that you're looking for.

Acne scar laser treatment essentially involves sand-papering the skin to get rid of the craters and open pores that are left behind when you get rid of the acne.

Try to imagine that the face is made of clay. Then imagine that it is full of huge gouges, dents, and blemishes. Envision taking a stylus or other sculptor's tool to drag and smear new clay into those pits and over those scars and marks. Your new clay face would be pock-free and smooth again. Acne scar laser treatment is similar to this.

Acne scar laser treatment looks at your face as an unfinished piece of clay just waiting to be molded into a smooth final product.

Acne scar laser treatment, also termed resurfacing and also used for wrinkles, works in a particular way. According to one plastic surgery professional, acne scar laser treatment is performed with a CO2 laser or an erbium laser-which "vaporizes" superficial damaged skin cells. This frees up the existing and healthier collagen to regenerate itself into a thicker and healthier layer.

Acne scar laser treatment offer does not "cure" the acne marks and it may not get rid of all of them. What it does is to greatly improve the skin situation.

Of course, other particulars are equally significant. Depending upon the kind of acne scar laser treatment, be prepared to it as a type of surgery. Depending on the doctor and the severity of your acne, you might undergo sedation or anesthesia. Also, you can expect to be in the outpatient management room for anywhere from fifteen to ninety minutes.

And expect to wait anywhere from three days to three weeks for the puffiness to go down and the abrasions, redness, and oozing to stop completely.

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acne scar treatments
While acne scar treatments can help lessen the effects of scarring, they won't necessarily get rid of the scars completely.

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