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It's not that I had looked at a number of sand-blasting techniques for the face to remove acne marks. I didn't understand anything about laser treatment to hide deeply seated acne marks with healthy skin. And the only TV ads were those for a bottled solution (I believe it was for Proactiv) that looked a little too magical.

At some point in the late eighties, while I was not all that focused on skin (but rather on getting top grades in grad school); and I was ignorant about skin care innovations. But looking at myself in the rear-view mirror and seeing the ugly results of my acne picking that had gone on through most of my teenage years it was clear that the acne marks needed some attention. I said to my boyfriend how cool it would be to be able to sand-paper my face so I could get rid of those acne marks.

I forgot about the face, the acne marks, and the possible solutions to them until recently, when I came across an online ad for sanding away the marks!  Well, they don't use sand paper, literally, but they do use tools and techniques that make for a similar procedure, one that will remedy acne scarring:

First, there are products that say they decrease acne marks. According to Dr. Audrey Kunin at DermaDoctor, Mederma takes away the redness of your latest acne marks (not pock marks, but fresh blemishes). Dr. Kunin also suggests Neutrogena Advanced Solutions acne mark Fading Peel. My best friend used Neutragena products and her face is remarkably clear.

Acne Marks and Laser Treatments

Next, there are laser treatments.  Two types are most commonly used-ablative and non-ablative lasers.  Ablative laser treatments are the more invasive or more thorough, treatments that remove by burning away upper layers of skin.  Non-ablative treatments stimulate new skin growth without removal, and are, compared to ablative treatments, quicker and less invasive.

So the laser is the sand-paper treatment I was thinking of or envisioning for acne marks.  But, as I have been urged by the all-knowing mother, I have continued to take care of my skin with hot water and soap, an immediate cold-water dip, and an astringent.  

Thankfully, most of my teen acne marks are closing as I go into my forties!  May you have the same luck now, and may you also pay attention to and heed the advice of Mom or Grandmom: Don't pick! (The oils and dirt from fingers are more of a problem than a solution!)

Your personal proactive acne treatment
By anticipating the problem, you can easily deveopy your personal proactive acne treatment.

Types of acne
Until you identify your type of acne, you should also resist the temptation to pop these pimples.

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