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Those of us with acne all desire to have a great complexion and to be acne free. But to be acne free, you must first understand your skin and how it works.

First you have to identify your skin type. Is it oily skin? Dry skin? The skin is a living organ and it's important to know that any substance you place on it can possibly have an effect. So try to find products that work well for you remembering that simply because they say they're for your particular skin type, doesn't mean that they'll do your face justice.

While we all understand that pimples erupt because of clogged pores, most of us don't attack this dilemma in the right fashion. So you have dead skin, oil and bacteria; you recognize that these are the catalysts that initiate acne, but do you recognize how to deal with them properly?

First of all, you don't want to over-cleanse. This will only aggravate and irritate your delicate skin further. The last thing you need is a dry face. This dilemma will really trigger your glands to pump out more oil to compensate. If you wish to be acne free, you need to balance.

Try a gentle cleanser that's dermatologist recommended. This will wash away the dirt and oil, but not strip the skin's surface. A topical handling may be necessary to apply following cleansing. It's always prudent to pat the face dry with a clean towel. You don't want to rub and bring about further irritation.

Proper diet is also a key factor in maintaining acne free skin. What we eat comes out through our pores. Think fruits, vegetables, and plenty of water. These give our body nutrients that we need everyday.

A final tip concerning acne free skin relates to your night's sleep. Are you getting enough of it? You want to be sure to get enough rest each day. This reduces stress and fatigue, which in turn affects your complexion.

And you may want to switch pillow cases every night as well. All of that bacteria is imbedded into your pillow case every night when you sleep. Do you really want to rub your clean face on it night after night? It can be an effort, but with the right steps, it is possible to become acne free.

acne causes
Each one of us, it's safe to say has experienced the pain and embarrassment of acne at one point in our lives. But what causes it?

acne cream
When using acne cream you have to consider what kind of skin you have to determine which acne cream is appropriate for you.

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