Acne's Emotional Scars

Are you suffering from a feeling of helplessness caused by acne flare-ups? Here's how to begin dealing with your issues.

Dealing With The Emotional Scars Of Acne

by: Peter Vine

Acne is widely accepted, as no longer, being a physical problem. There can be deep emotional issues that arise from acne irrespective of the severity of the condition. Over the last 5 years or so, doctors have started to look at some of the more serious psychological effects of acne. Some of the most problematic psychological effects of acne include:

1. A feeling of lowered self-esteem

2. A reduction in self-confidence

3. Social withdrawal

4. Feelings of depression

5. Feelings of anger and aggression

6. Feelings of despair.

It is becoming increasing common for one of these feelings leading to another, and another and so on, each new issue re-enforcing the previous in a vicious feedback loop, concluding in feelings of helplessness. Interestingly the degree of impact is rarely proportional to the extent to which acne is present. Sometimes a small number of spots can cause lasting emotional stress, in some individuals, where as others may not be affected at all.

The first important factor to remember when you start to feel the emotional stress of acne is that these days acne is much easier to treat than it was maybe only 10 years ago. Having acne is not a life-long sentence, and there are an enormous range of treatment options. Do not suffer in silence, go and see your Doctor, carry out research on the internet, talk to friends and family that may have been through similar experiences.

The second critical factor is the simple acknowledgement, and sharing how your acne is making you feel. Do not skip this element in your discussion about treatments with your doctor. The key to recovery from the emotional issues, starts with an acceptance that there is more to acne than the simple physical scars. Speak to someone today about how you feel.

The third critical factor in addressing the impact of acne is simply deciding to get medical help now, and sticking to the treatment prescribed. If the first treatment does not work, go back and try another and another, until you get the right one. Be sure to share with your Doctor how acne is affecting your life, and ensure you put across the seriousness of the issue.

Both the physical and the emotional side of acne can now be very effectively treated, as long as you are willing to take some action, and act on the advice you are given.

About The Author

Peter Vine is the successful online publisher of target=new.

He provides practical advice and the latest information on all aspects of acne prevention and treatment, which you can readily research on his website.

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