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There are many circumstances that come up in life that requires you use an acne cream. The unexpected and of course unwanted zit always appears as our biggest moment approaches, be it a wedding, a high school graduation or prom, a first date, a job interview, or any other appointment where first impressions matter. These are scenarios that work to keep the acne cream companies in business.

You've seen the TV sit-coms that play on this debacle which so many of us with acne problems identify: In one episode of "Wings," for instance, Joe Hackett (played by the typically beautiful Timothy Daly), is getting ready for his high school reunion on the island of Nantucket. Joe's brother, Brian (played by the equally gorgeous Steven Weber) - who classically gets his kicks pointing out flaws his brother inevitably has - points out a huge zit that has appeared suddenly on Joe's nose.

The zit, of course, is of the kind and size that you'd desire to lance and medicate ASAP. Joe retrieves and applies the magic acne cream. For the sake of the sit-com laugh, however, Joe obsesses over unpleasant growth every five minutes, over-working his acne cream of choice by expecting too much too soon.

This is not to say that acne cream does not work; acne cream simply cannot perform its magic over a period of thirty sit-com minutes. Also, acne cream requires a few preliminary steps or considerations in order for it to act as a miracle acne cream. For example, you have to consider what kind of skin you have and which acne cream is appropriate for you.

Here are some tips for individual skin type:
Oily skin - takes best to a medicated acne manufactured good or one in gel form.

Dry skin - likes the acne cream form and medicated products with benzoyl peroxide or salycic acid.

Oily and dry skin (combined) - will heal by areas where the acne lives and so will requirement oily skin gels and dry skin acne creams, that being the case.

Sensitive skin - will requirement less intense concentrations of either dry, oily, or combined-kind treatments.

If your skin is in pain due to can - you should get attention from a dermatologist.

In another real sit-com, an episode of Roseanne, Dan Conner (played by John Goodman), the normally ruby-cheeked and adorable working-class guy, has to deal with the same problem Joe Hackett and a lot of us have had to deal with. He is getting ready for a reunion and finds he has a huge zit, a zit he hasn't had since adolescence. Acne cream, again, is a solution.

In real life, we all have experienced these sudden, ill-timed breakouts where we find ourselves needing warehouses of acne cream to ease our symptoms. Or, if the acne cream fails, we may opt for using make-up.

What we should do, instead of freaking out further is simply to investigate a bit, ask a few questions of our primary care physician or dermatologist, do a few experiments of our own, and keep in mind the above acne cream checklist of suggestions.

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